Are you a Stroke Survivor who suffers from Arm Weakness or Paralysis?

MyoPro Pan Shot

Chris Lake and the team at Lake Prosthetics and Research are pleased to introduce the MyoPro to help patients who suffer from arm paralysis regain movement and control of their arm!

Chris Lake is the first prosthetist in Texas to offer the MyoPro, a lightweight, customized, highly functional arm brace designed to assist with the movement of an arm that has been weakened from neuromuscular damage. The MyoPro brace is highly unique in its use of non-invasive, myoelectric sensing that allows the wearer to initiate movement.

Specifically, the MyoPro does not utilize electrical stimulus to trigger movement, rather it relies on the wearer’s own muscular signal to move the arm.

The sensors located within the MyoPro custom brace detect weakened muscle signals within the arm. These signals trigger the motor to instigate arm movement as desired by the wearer. This provides complete, natural control of the arm, with the brace simply enhancing the weak muscle signal as it helps the user move and bend the arm.


The MyoPro gives you the freedom to perform your daily tasksmyopro product photo black

  • Push a shopping cart with both hands
  • Carry your purse while walking with a cane
  • Reduce tone
  • Perform lifting and reaching tasks without the help of others


Do you have reduced mobility or weakness of the arm due to neuromuscular damage such as Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, MS, ALS or Spinal Cord Injury?

If so, the MyoPro customized arm brace may be the solution for you.

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During your screening evaluation, Chris will:


  • Discuss the MyoPro and share with you the aspects of use
  • Ensure you are a medically appropriate candidate for the MyoPro
  • Discuss your insurance benefits, coverage and any potential costs
  • Discuss a customized care protocol for you


Come see us and let’s discuss how the MyoPro may help you!

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