What to Expect

At Lake Prosthetics, we don’t treat your upper-limb fitting as a one-and-done event that can be handled in a single visit or worse, outsourced to a manufacturer.

Rather, we know that an ideal fitting and the best possible device only come through a very specific and thorough process. We call it the Lake Prosthetics 7-Phase Plan.

At Lake Prosthetics and Research you will receive individual attention through each phase of this unique process.  Our goal is always to empower you with the knowledge to make meaningful, well-informed decisions about your care.

Let’s walk through the Lake Prosthetics 7-Phase Plan.

Phase 1 // Choose Your Practitioner

A successful fitting starts with your selection of an experienced practitioner who specializes in your particular area of need.

FACT: The vast majority of practitioners focus solely on lower-limb prosthetics and orthotics, seeing at most one upper-limb case a year.

It is very difficult to become an expert at any task when it’s performed just once a year. Skill and experience are particularly critical when treating upper-limb cases, which are the most difficult cases to resolve successfully.

This is why Chris Lake and his team at Lake Prosthetics and Research specialize in upper-limb. Chris Lake has been treating upper-limb clients since 1995.

He is one of the top experts in this challenging field and is certified and accredited by all the upper-limb component manufacturers, including Touch Bionics, Otto Bock, Motion Control and Liberating Technologies. Chris has built his reputation on his creativity, compassion and uncompromising pursuit of excellence.

“Good enough” is not acceptable in Chris’s practice. He insists on a completely comfortable fit and true function. Chris sees each client as a patient for life. Come in a year later with a desire to take up whitewater rafting, and you’ll find he’s excited and able to help you fulfill this new dream. (Yes, this has happened, as have countless similar examples.)

Once you’ve selected your practitioner, it’s time to Review Your Options for your device.

Phase 2 // Review Your Options

When reviewing your options, the first step is to complete your patient assessment.  The patient assessment takes approximately 90 minutes depending on the number of questions you may have as well as the complexity of your case.

During this in-depth assessment, we’ll ask you about your expectations and needs, your level of function prior to your amputation and your experience with different types of prostheses. We’ll also thoroughly examine your presentation and discuss your work-related, recreational and personal goals.

This initial assessment serves as the foundation for your individual plan. Based on your answers, we might recommend several option combinations to help you reach your specific goals. Careful planning helps us provide superior outcomes for our clients

With your assessment complete, it’s time to Establish Your Care Team.

Phase 3 // Establish Your Care Team

Chris Lake and the treatment partners at Lake Prosthetics and Research will work with you to assemble a personalized care team specific to fulfilling your goals. This team will include any or all of the following individuals:

  • Your Referring Physician

  • Psychiatrist/Psychologist

  • Case Managers

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Physical Therapists

  • Support Structure at Home and Work.

A successful prosthetic outcome typically incorporates various members of this team at every step during the process.

Taking into account your assessment, your options and your care team, we are now able to help you formulate a plan.

Phase 4 // Formulate a Prosthetic Plan

Based on the findings of the assessment and the input of your care team, we will recommend a prosthetic care plan.

Sometimes this prosthetic plan begins with surgical or therapeutic intervention. If so, Chris Lake will take an advisory role in the operating room or the therapy room, whichever is necessary.

We then determine the type or types of prosthetic devices needed to achieve your functional goals. Then your course of care is staged in the most efficient and considerate way.

We work with you to define your short-term and long-term goals – not just for tomorrow, but for years to come.  Your long-term goal might be to return to work, but a functional family life may be more important to you in the short-term.

With a formalized prosthetic plan, approvals from your physician and a funding source, the Trial and Diagnostic Fittings will begin.

Phase 5 // Trial and Diagnostic Fittings Just for Prosthetics

Even with all the information from the initial assessment, past history, and a complete and thorough understanding of your expectations, it can still be difficult to determine the best type of prosthetic design for you.  For this reason, we perform case-specific outcome based fittings with “prototype” prostheses made of transparent plastics and easily modified materials.

Your trial runs with these prototype devices can range from four weeks to more than six months. During this phase, we make many small modifications and adjustments to the prosthesis to enhance your comfort and function. This is done over the course of multiple visits, and it ensures that the final prosthesis is custom tailored to your specific needs.

It is now time to move to Delivery of Your Prosthetic Device.

Phase 6 // Delivery of Prosthetic Device

Once Phase 5 is complete, and we fine-tune the fit and confirm we’ve addressed all your needs, we transform the prototype into your finished prosthesis, which may include a cosmetic covering customized by one of our world-class artists.


Upon delivery of your prosthetic device, you will move into the final phase, Follow-Up and Maintenance.

Phase 7 // Follow-Up and Maintenance

Even though you’ve received your finished prosthesis, the process does not end. We invite you for regular follow-up care and evaluation, usually every six months, based on the level of amputation and your activities and hobbies.

Regular follow-up and maintenance leads to the highest level of function and least amount of interruptions from breakdown. It also allows us to modify your prosthesis as your needs change or you develop new interests.

Schedule your consultation with Chris today, and let’s work through your 7-Phase Plan for a fun, active life.