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Alex Radford: Law Student, Avid Fisherman

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Several years ago, I had an accident and lost both of my hands, requiring me to have them surgically amputated. One of my main goals in the recovery process was to regain the ability and freedom to enjoy my life’s passion of fishing.

I have loved the thrill of fishing as long as I can remember. Fishing is an adventure – you never know what will bite, so every cast has the potential of being the catch of a lifetime.

Before I went to Lake Prosthetics, if I wanted to fish, I had to have someone literally duct tape a rod to my arm. You can imagine how extremely limiting and frustrating this was for me. To do something as routine as eating my lunch, I had to have the tape cut off, set down the rod, get my meal from the ice chest, then have someone tape the rod back to my arm when I was done.

Enter Lake Prosthetics. Chris Lake and the team at Lake Prosthetics took the time to understand my passion, my hobbies, and where life was made difficult by having no hands. I never felt rushed, and I never felt ignored. Chris is very passionate about helping his patients regain their freedoms, and I could really tell he was on my team.

Chris and his team designed a specific custom prosthetic device that allowed me to hold and operate a fishing rod. I am so grateful because Lake Prosthetics allowed me to get my passion back and helped me regain my independence. I can now go fishing and enjoy every moment of the experience without the help of others – driving the boat, casting my rod, even tying the line to the hook, something that was impossible before. My last time solo fishing, I caught a huge ice chest worth of fish! It felt fantastic.

The team as Lake Prosthetics have the expertise and ability to create a unique bionic prosthetic that met my specific needs. Every patient is unique and every solution they offer is tailored to you. There are no cookie-cutter approaches and the caring environment is unsurpassed. Through this process of design and fitting, I am glad to say Chris has become a real friend.

If I were going to advise someone considering prosthetics, I would tell them to live without prosthetics for a season to understand what you really need and what is limiting you. Then call Chris Lake. The Lake Prosthetic team will listen, assess your needs and work tirelessly to build a custom prosthetic that gets you on the road–or boat–back to your passion. Thanks Chris!