About Us

Lake Prosthetics and Research, LLC was founded with the goal of providing unmatched quality and client-centered care for their upper-limb clients.

With an intense commitment to client satisfaction, Chris takes significant time with each client so he can ensure the superior fitting of a prosthetic device that allows the client to enjoy an active lifestyle.

The Lake Prosthetics Mission:

To provide technically advanced, specialized and complete care for clients with upper-limb deficiency while leading the industry in the research and development of upper-limb prosthetic technologies.

 At Lake Prosthetics, we don’t believe in shortcuts.

Years of experience has shown us that successful client outcomes are the result of much more than simply advanced prosthetic technology.

Positive results require a dedication of time, superior technical expertise and large dose of creativity. Above all, successful outcomes demand ongoing client feedback. Clients are often the first to become aware of the subtle fitting issues that arise in their prosthetic devices, and an experienced practitioner like Chris Lake is able to pinpoint and correct such problems.

At Lake Prosthetics, we don’t shy away from client input – we welcome it.

This is why Chris Lake and the Lake Prosthetics team listen closely to our clients. Our unique approach combines intensive multi-day fittings with immediate incorporation of client feedback into the evolving prosthetic device. Our clients never feel rushed, and they soon realize they are integral partners in their own outcomes and ultimate success.

The end result? A well-fit socket interface that’s truly comfortable and empowers clients to return to the activities that make life meaningful to them. 

We’ve also found that taking extra care on the front end can save time and money long-term. Clinic visits are more productive and focused, and prosthetic devices are actually worn, instead of being abandoned due to poor fit or a mismatch to the individual’s needs.


We Offer the Following Services:

  • Evaluation of Upper-Limb Client Needs

  • Cost Analysis and Insurance Authorization

  • Manufacture and Fitting of Custom Upper-Limb Prosthetics and Orthotics

  • Follow-Up Care – Repair and Maintenance

  • Coordination with Consultants

  • Prosthetic Technology Research and Product Development