Avraham Hertz: Patient Testimonial

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To whom it may concern | July 2012

I the undersigned, Avraham Hertz, am a 73 years old Israeli citizen and an Israeli defense forces disabled veteran. My most prominent disability is being a bilateral upper-limb amputee for over 54 years, due to which I have been using body-powered prostheses with hooks ever since my injury, enabling me to have a fully independent functioning of all daily activities; from dressing and writing to driving and travelling overseas, etc.

For the past 3 years, on account of thickening/swelling of my stumps, I have had to be fitted for new prostheses over and over again. This was done initially in a US clinic, then by a renowned German manufacture in Berlin and earlier this year (2012) by Mr. Chris Lake of Lake Prosthetics & Research in Euless, Texas.

I am very proud to commend Mr. Chris Lake and the clinic he owns and manages, especially due to my longstanding knowledge and experience with diverse clinics and prosthetics manufacturers in both the US and Germany. I have never encountered a better suited, more professional, patient-oriented or welcoming prosthetics clinic and specialist. One that not only calms and meets all his patient’s needs, but goes out of his way and out of the box to find solutions to multiple complex barriers and overcome each and every obstacle to produce the best possible result. This was done with endless patience and care, while contemplating on every detail and striving for perfection to best ease my chronic pains, to meet all my medical needs as well as daily functioning requirements and with the state of the art materials.

I am very pleased with the work and its outcome, both operational and medical, for releasing me from severe pains that disrupted and reduced the quality of my life for the past 3 years. Hence, I would like to highly recommend from the bottom of my heart Lake Prosthetics and its leader as an ideal clinic and specialist for all upper-limb amputees.

Please note that this letter of recommendation is presented on my own initiative to uphold my deepest gratitude and appreciation of the custom-made precise work as well as the warm and carrying treatment I have received. I would be happy to give additional recommendation and details if approached and hereby give my permission to foreword this letter to any interested party; official, medical or commercial. 

A. Hertz